Introducing ScrumYo!

ScrumYo is a command line tool that shows you all of your recent GitHub commits and pull requests. It helps you get quickly prepared for your daily scrum/stand up meeting.

scrumyo screen shot

What’d you get done yesterday?

Almost every morning I’d be scrambling through my Git logs to remember exactly what I finished yesterday. So I wrote ScrumYo.

Hey, it’s time for scrum, yo. - My Co-workers

How to use it…

Install it like any other gem.

$ gem install scrum_yo

Or, if you’re using RVM, add it to your global gemset.

$ rvm @global do gem install scrum_yo

Once installed, use the scrumyo command.

$ scrumyo

The first use you’ll be asked to login to your GitHub account (it even works with two-factor auth!).

Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

The source is on GitHub.