Mathy-Poll - Voting API with Math CAPTCHA

Mathy-Poll is a voting API that asks basic math questions before recording the vote.

It was originally written in Sinatra when I was still fairly new to Ruby. Today I had some free time and decided to move it over to Grape/Goliath.

Grape is a micro-framework that’s specifically for building API’s. Which makes it perfect for this project. It gives you a bunch of API specific things that Sinatra doesn’t. Such as…

  • even simpler syntax
  • API versioning
  • parameter validation
  • better exceptions

And then Goliath is a really fast ruby framework that I hadn’t played with yet. So this was a good  excuse to try something new.

I’ll be including it in one of my projects soon. I’m interested in seeing how well it will stand up against a ton of traffic.

You can see it in action here.

Source is on Github.